Chanan Graf

Owner & General Manager, RailSec Ltd.

Mr. Graf is a reputable international security expert, who has acquired nearly three decades of expertise and experience in public transportation and critical infrastructure security. This particular area of expertise complements his experience in the fields of ground transportation security, aviation security, maritime security.

After completing an extensive training program for senior security officers and additional specialized courses at the Israel Security Agency, Mr. Graf served as the Head of Israel’s Maritime Security and aviation security of Israeli Charter flights, in Italy. Subsequent positions included Deputy Commander of a special maritime and port security unit at Ashdod seaport, Israel; and Chief Security Officer of the Israeli Ministry of the Environment.

From 1995 until 2005 Mr. Graf served as the Chief Security Officer of Israel Railways, developing a comprehensive security solution meeting the dynamic threats faced by this organization – an assignment that was given high priority at the national level. The comprehensive security system developed and implemented by Mr. Graf for securing Israel Railways’ passengers, employees, railway facilities, critical infrastructures and cargo was designed to counter not only terror-related threats, but also criminal threats, including vandalism, sabotage, public disorder, etc.

Within his capacity of Chief Security Officer, he has developed unique and advanced solutions to protect railways infrastructures: Rolling stock, tunnels, bridges, stations, electrical substations, depots and other facilities. In this capacity he and his team have performed the design of security solutions for several operators in Europe as well.

Mr. Graf participates, on a regular basis, in committees of the EU with regards to railways & mass transit security, as well as security forums of the UIC (international union of railways) and COLPOFER (Collaboration of Railways Police). he is frequently requested to present, in conventions, conferences and panels, the security concept he developed for Israel Railways, which other mass transit operators are interested in adopting.

In addition to his education and training at the Israeli Secret Service Academy, Mr. Graf holds a degree in Life Sciences from the University of Milan, Italy.