Project Description

The protection of facilities, equipment and resources from unauthorized access involves the cooperation of multiple technologies designed for specific purposes: monitoring, perception, signaling, support to management and storage. In the last decade the introduction of hybrid detection technologies, signal analysis, data fusion technique and artificial intelligence elevated the performance of alarm systems contributing to higher protection levels as well as system complexity.

Nowadays the design of an alarm system for critical resources requires an engineering process to properly design, support the implementation and plan the maintenance of the system and its infrastructures.

In this scenario RAILSEC deploys a full-scale engineering support to Public Entities, Security Authorities, Critical Infrastructures Owners, Contractors and Systems


Once the scenario is well defined the design phase can start proceeding from the system architecture definition and critical system design with particular attention to Operation and Maintenance aspects and Life Cycle Cost.

Meanwhile the solution is being developed, RAILSEC support the customer offering technical supervision of the activities, verification of suppliers

and subcontractors, management of change requests and ATPs.


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