Project Description

Protecting a complex system is really expensive and challenging task. Therefore, it is important to identify the weakest links in the chain by performing Risk Assessment. Among each of them it is essential to identify which are the most important and rank them in order to efficiently harden the chain.

With the increasing dependence of Organizations on security systems and technology, the need, importance and relevance of security management is well acknowledged and recognized by decision makers and stakeholders. Questions of when, how, to what extent and at what cost to secure business and its facilities and employees, remain. Security Management faces this issue. It is usually performed following an iterative and continual macro approach that identifies the threats that could exploit assets vulnerabilities to harm the system, defines the environment, the security objectives, the  security policy and the plans of mitigation actions by performing a cost/benefit analysis that takes in account the ranking of risks and cost of security controls (countermeasures and procedures);

RAILSEC Consulting provides Security Management services to public agencies and private companies through the set up an Integrated Security Information and Systems that implements a comprehensive security framework including:

. Security Risk Assessment

. Security Policy

. Security Operation and Maintenance

. Business Continuity Plan design and definition

. Supervision and ATP

. Disaster Recovery Plan design and definition