Project Description

The Diplomatic Conference on Maritime Security held in London in December 2002 adopted the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) to enhance maritime security. These new requirements form the international framework

through which ships and port facilities must co-operate to detect and deter acts which threaten security in the maritime transport sector. Implementation of the provisions will require continuing effective co-operation and understanding between all those involved with, or using ships and port facilities including ship’s personnel, port personnel, passengers, cargo interests, ship and port management and those in National and Local Authorities with security responsibilities.

RAILSEC started with this new service after the introduction of the mandatory

requirements contained in the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code for the maritime sector. The service to assist our customers consists of:

ƒ. Development of Ship and Port Facility Security Assessment and Plan

ƒ. Training and certification of Company, Ship and Port Facility Security Officer

ƒ. Design and Supervise of perimeter port protection


Anti-piracy services in the HRA (High Risk Area) – providing high level skilled security agents former Special Forces, military marine specialists, with extensive experience working in some of the world’s largest shipping companies, to provide clients with a complete, 360 degree security solutions.