Project Description

Critical infrastructure is an asset or system that is essential for the maintenance of vital societal functions. Damage to a critical infrastructure, its destruction or disruption by natural disasters, terrorism, criminal activity or malicious behavior, can have a significant negative impact on National Security level.

The European Program for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP) is the EU framework for improving protection of critical infrastructure.

RAILSEC is involved in numerous system projects and is consultant to national and international governmental bodies and agencies on critical infrastructure related issues. Our expertise includes surveillance and monitoring systems engineering, Information  and telecommunications security.

We continuously improve our knowledge and consulting offer by participating in international projects, especially at European level (EC – FP7 and H2020), for the development of best practices and guidelines or the implementation and validation of applications related to Railways infrastructure solutions, Airports protection, Maritime surveillance, Mass gathering events protection and others critical infrastructure facilities.

Our consultants are highly qualified and experienced in requirement engineering

and in the development of technical specifications, from conception to equipment procurement technical specification, to procedures and policy making. Our services with this regard include:

ƒ. Identification and analysis of major threats, risks and vulnerabilities of critical infrastructures

ƒ. Definition of permanent risk clearing and mitigation actions, including physical and organizational countermeasures, control and verification measures, communication, awareness raising and training programs

ƒ. Definition of graduated security measures, including all actions to be taken according to the varying risk and threat levels